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A talk 157/365

KeaNy: Hey man, how you doing?

Jon: Keany! Hey man how you been!?
I've been real good man. Feeling better than I have in a long time. Have a lot to be thankful for and enjoying the ride!
Have you been to see the new star wars??

KeaNy: Sounds so good!
Happy for you
What ride btw?
Sure that movie kicking ass

Jon: The ride of life man!

KeaNy: Well scripted
Haha, hell yeah

Jon: BTW, I also wanted to say I'm thankful for you. I knew from the time we started playing that you were a good person. And I enjoy being able to touch base with you like this.

Jon: Do you have Netflix?

KeaNy: Yeah
It just launched here

Jon: Have you watched the show Sense8?

KeaNy: Btw, I'm thankful for the time we played. You're a great one to be with. Very stable and honestly
A movie?
Oh tv series
I only see movies. Tv series are too long for me
I'm focusing on business recently btw... So  many new things to learn
After having my own family, wanna have my own company. Haha

Jon: What does your company do?
That's great man. Support and Love your family. Care for them and teach your daughter to Love just like you!
If you only watch movies you should see Interstellar!
Love is a very powerful thing that humanity doesn't properly understand. It's what keeps us together.

KeaNy: Duh, saw that twice

Jon: Right on!
Did you like it?

KeaNy: IMAX is so good
Hell yeah
I'm fan of space and sci fi

Jon: I've gotten really into philosophy since we started playing WoW(World of Warcraft).
Like thinking about who we are and why we are here.
I think that movie had a lot of truth in it honestly.
In other words it made sense

KeaNy: Oh man that's why I like you . We really alike
I like to think everything

Jon: Do you believe in reincarnation?

KeaNy: Yeah
It's a truth for me

Jon: Well I think our souls could be connected

KeaNy: We are spirits
We bind together

Jon: Yep

KeaNy: Matter make us look differently. But our source should be the same one

Jon: Well said!
I don't believe in coincidences. So it's no coincidence we share the same beliefs.
Do you understand the word "Coincidence"?

KeaNy: Oh yeah . I don't believe in lucky too.
Lucky actually need something to cause

Jon: yeah
Coincidence isn't always lucky though
Coincidence is like this
My uncle just passed away recently, his name was Dick. I was at his funeral, he was buried by a shopping area.

KeaNy: I believed in consequence

Jon: As I was leaving I looked at the shopping area and the first thing I saw was a sign for a store called "Dicks".
Or say you find out that your wife had a dog growing up with the same name as the dog you had growing up.
That is coincidence.

KeaNy: I see

Jon: Well it's been great talking with you man. But it's getting late for me right now.

KeaNy: We sees what we can see. Something that in my mind already we will easily to remember and notice

Jon: I don't get on facebook a lot anymore. But if you message me I will see it.

KeaNy: Let's have some talk about our thought sometimes.

Jon: I can stay longer
Because I want to know what you mean
What do you mean by "We sees what we can see."
Are you saying there are things that we cant see?

KeaNy: Oh, if you don't have something in your mind. When it in front your face or its just a voice. You will not easily to see it or hear it
You have to remember it first. Then you can have a connection with it
Just like a baby to learn things
Like if you never played WoW
You won't know when I talk about arena, priest, raiding
You can only think about the words
And guessing
Anyway... We are not that smart like what we think. We getting fool around by ourself so easy and hard to know
We just getting used to so many things
And thought we know everything
But everything is so different

Jon: Yeah I agree 100% and there are scientific studies that show that our minds "trick" us

KeaNy: Yeah that's truth

Jon: Do you think we forget things? Or do we only remember what we need to?

KeaNy: Yes. We see what we want to see. We remember what we want to remember
If you remember something that means something you care
If you don't. You won't remember
And that s why I don't like to read books lol

Jon: NO WAY!

KeaNy: No way of what?

Jon: It is not a coincidence that you don't read books and I don't read books but we connect so well!

KeaNy: I don't have any books
No book at home

Jon: I try to make myself read things
Cause I think it's good for the brain
I like to learn anything
I'd never say no to learning something new

KeaNy: Every time I read I found out I'm not talking with the author. Im more like talk with myself. Cause if I already know I will know. If I can't understand then why bother lol

Jon: I think about how growing up where you come from changes who you are a lot

KeaNy: And I found out life is you have to experience yourself
Others is just a references

Jon: well said

KeaNy: If you wanna growing. Just think and do
Think what you want. Do what you want
Be yourself
Nobody can mentor you like you do

Jon: I have a question for you but if it is too personal you don't have to answer.
Were you happy before playing WoW? Or did you start to get more happy after?

KeaNy: Just ask. You are in my personal circle lol
I play games because of I want to escaping my real life
I used to love in dreaming

Jon: I think we live life to help others

KeaNy: There s something missing in my real life

Jon: There was? Or there still is?

KeaNy: Was

Jon: And now you have found it right?

KeaNy: I was not happy with sth. And playing games is happy for me
Yeah, i didn't play ps4 for 2 month
Start my own company makes me happy

Jon: And your family makes you happy too right?

KeaNy: Like my dream
I like to create my own things

Jon: What do you create for your company?

KeaNy: Yeah my wife is great. My daughter is so perfect
We are going to create a robot

Jon: wow

KeaNy: My phone is low on bat
Will shut down anytime

Jon: Okay

KeaNy: Soon

Jon: I enjoy our talks

KeaNy: Good night
Me too

Jon: We need to stay in touch

KeaNy: For sure!

Jon: If you are ever in USA and need a place to stay I will give you a home.
Take care, and talk to you later.

KeaNy: You're welcome to Taiwan too

Jon: See ya.

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